Monica Quach / 郭 雪 嬌


I would like to thank each and every one of you that came to the first Grand Reunion in Orange Countyon August 6, 2007.  The Reunion was a great way for us to reconnect with old friends, as well as creating an opportunity to make new friends out of mere acquaintances.  I hope you all enjoyed the event as much as I had.  We once again breathe the same air, at the same time, and under the same roof. 

I also would like to thank all the committee members for their love,dedications, commitments, active involvements, and hard works in making this reunion a success.  The reunion would not be made possible without their tremendous efforts.  Each of the committee members is so unique in his/her own way.  Given the financial constraints; regional differences; career and family obligations; and the fact that none of the members are experienced in hosting a reunion event of this magnitude, I am confident to say that they all did the best job they possibly could. 

While the committee is always in the spotlight, no successful event is possible without the help from supportive friends, families, and spouses that helped in countless ways.  Their “behind-the-scenes” assistance is rightly acknowledged and appreciated.

When the committee ran into financial shortages, the committee members and a group of special friends voluntarily made monetary contribution which helped bridge the gap of collection and the actual reunion cost.  Thank you to the following friends for their financial support:

Thomas Trinh, Ted Chang, David Hang, Mr. Huynh Ky Xuong, Stanley Lee, Johnny Leong, Tam Mao, Lynn Nguy, Phu Chi An, Monica Quach, Steve Quach, Katrina Tran, Ha Tran, Sanh An Truong, and Michelle Truong

A special thanks to Michelle Truong’s Mom (Mrs. Trieu An) for inspiring us with the idea of hosting a reunion event.   Without her suggestion, there would not be an event possible on August 6, 2007.

Michelle Truong’s Dad, Mr. Trieu An – Thank you for writing the story about QMS.  Without his institutional knowledge, we would not know the historical background of the school or the many accomplishments that made us, the younger generations, to be proud of.

Kenneth and Stanley’s Dad – Thank you for the wonderful and meaningful keynote speech. 

Michelle Truong’s Brother, Truong Cao Minh – Thank you for being our backbone support.  Whenever we ran into troubles, he is always there to rescue us.  Ming Bro is also the translator/editor of the QMS History & slideshow.

Thomas Trinh (Trịnh Phú Tường) and Jennifer Trinh (Phu Nhân) – Thank you for putting their heart and soul into the planning and organizing of the reunion.  Without their tremendous effort, this reunion would not be of fruition.  Thomas and Jen wear many hats in the QMS Committee, such as creating the website, putting together a Powerpoint slide show, designing the official QMS Reunion logo, and for researching the cheapest place to order the mugs for all alumni.

Michelle Truong (Trương An Phương) and Brian Tang (Tăng Hòa Thạnh) – Thank you for investing the tremendous amount of time and effort in organizing, reaching out to friends, acting as mediators to resolve disputes (:o)) whenever we run into disagreements.  They also paid for the thousands of minutes that they exceeded on the cell phone.  Michelle is instrumental in keeping the financial statements up to date.  Her work style and work product are always neat, accurate, and timely.  In addition, Brian’s opening speech in Chinese was just immaculately written.

Katrina Tran (Trần Aí Lan) – Thank you for the well-prepared opening speech.  Also, Ai Lan had been running around getting good stuffs for the kids’ grab bags and children’s games.  Did you see a label inside your gift bag?  Ai Lan manually created those labels by hand.  To the freedom of my own interpretation, the label is intended to go on a bottle of red wine and be placed in your China cabinet. 

Friendship, like wine, raw when new and ripen with age…… 

So, apply the label to a bottle of your favorite red wine and watch it, but don’t drink it as the fond memories of August 6, 2007 will never be erased from your memory (CPU). 

Trần Bích Hà – Thank you for the introduction in Vietnamese.  I am certain that it brought back many sweet childhood memories to many QMS alumni that day. 

Johnny Leong (Lương Mẩn Thông) – Thank you for your humorous emails, generosity, creativity, and for spending many late nights working on designing the official Summer 2007 Reunion banner as well as creating the Summer 2007 Reunion Logo. 

Lynn Nguy (Lý Liên Phương)– Thank you for always being there for the committee members whenever we need expert advices.  Lynn is nominated as Da Je Je (Big Sister) by all committee members.  She is also our “pro-bono consultant.” 

Tam Mao (Mao Kỳ Minh) – Thank you for contributing one big pot of Lau De specifically prepared for 150 guests.  This giant pot lasted the entire day.  In addition, Tam Mao recruited his singer friends to provide complimentary live entertainment at the end of the night.  What’s a great way to end the night with live music and see the elderly, children, married couples, and friends thoroughly filled up the dance floor?  

Stanley Lee (Lý Cẫm Nguyên) and Diane (Phu Nhân)– Thank you for making the banner in Viet Nam and bringing them back in time for the reunion.  A job well done!  The banner is beautiful and well-made.  An honorable mention also goes to Stanley for leading the group tour of the Las Vegas strip.  It’s not an easy job to plan the right kind of activities under the 105 degree of desert heat. 

Cô Từ Ngọc Anh (Tịm Mỳ Bình Ký) – Thank you for coming a long way to join us at this reunion.  She made many types of dessert for us to eat on the Reunion Day. 

Loan Ly (Phu nhân của Lý Hùng Đào) – Thank you for your great assistance in helping Thomas Trinh in the process of creating and finalizing the logo design.

David Hang (Hàng Khắc Văn) – Thank you for co-chair the formal introduction of the attending alumni.   

Master Ted Chang( Trương Văn Tư) – Thank you for the unlimited technical assistance he rendered to the creation and maintaining of the QMS website.  With this website, we are able to connect with friends all over the world. 

Hùynh Lệ Vân (Tân Tân) – Thank you for contributing a generous amount of gratuities to the operator of Starball Dance Studio.  In response to your appreciation, the owner had allowed us to stay as long as we wish so we could utilize the dance floor longer while other friends were still mingling in the parking lot exchanging ideas and past experiences.   

Lai Huệ Hoàng (Trung Thanh) – Thank you for traveling by bus, then by train, then to Las Vegas before boarding another plane to Los Angeles.  HH came to celebrate with us the long lasting friendship of QMS alumni.  HH stated that she considers herself to be part of the QMS family even though she attended QMS post-1978 when the facility was utilized as a childcare center.  Although the name Quang Minh Hoc Duong was removed from the school building, however, in the eyes and heart of the residents of Sa Dec, the school is forever known and referred to as Quang Minh School.  Hue Hoang helped setting up the food and she prepared the special dressing sauce for the papaya and beef jerky salad.  Yummy!! 

A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to the entire Lieu Family (Karen, Richard, Christine, Nicole, and Vicky Lieu) for contributing their many hours of ordering, cooking, shopping, delivering, and setting up the food for the entire reunion day.  We are very fortunate to have awarded, tasted, felt, and recognized their labor of love.  These home-made foods are invaluable and priceless.  Thank you for giving us the best gift of all. 

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all the alumni as well as former Sa Dec residents and senior citizens for joining us on August 6, 2007.  Your presence had made the otherwise, very simple and easy going event to be the most memorable day and simultaneously marked the beginning of a new chapter in the life of many of us.  Thank you all for coming!!


Monica Quach

PS:  My apology if I inadvertently left out any friend from the thank you list

Hi All,

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your love, dedication, and hard work in making this reunion a reality.  We couldn’t have made it without any of you.  Working with each of you is like a chance of a life time.  You guys are so unique in your own way, and so talented that I can envision you coming up with each new idea or a solution to a difficult situation in every single minute.

Together, we can say out loud that WE DID THE BEST JOB WE POSSIBILITY COULD given our financial constraints, regional differences, and so I don’t regret a single thing that others perceive as not coming out “right.”

What matters the most to me and I am sure to you also is not the food, but the chance of a life time to see many alumni under one roof.  We once again breathe the same air at the same time.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  In my eyes, you guys are all heros.  Thank you one and thank you all.