2015 QMS Reunion In Sydney Australia

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September, 2015 QMS Reunion In Sydney Australia

One thought on “2015 QMS Reunion In Sydney Australia

  1. Good morning Aussie friends,

    Again, thank you all for your hospitality during my visit you guys in Australia. I am not sure when I will come to Australia again, but I know I have taken the action to come to see you all after 37 years of the long lost. Especially Jin Lan keeps promising me many time that she will come to US to see me, but that day is seem not going to be happen. So I volunteer…. 🙂

    I have always wish to bring all of our long lost close loop QMS friends together again some day since 1978 when we silently disappeared from our lovely home town. Although I can’t make it happen yet due to each of our individual still are having the priority responsible for their own family. I think five more years from now, that wish may become possible. Please just send me a reminder once you guys feel like ready, I will contact all of our close loop friends to pick a place for reunion. I think 2020 is the best year to meet in Sadec, because that is Chua ba Thien Hau 200 year anniversary. They will have a big ceremony and host the reception party at the restaurant. All we need is to attend the reception, we will see all each other. After that we can rent a bus to tour us around VN, just a though.

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