Sad News – Passing of Mr. Cao Khai Hoa/高啟華先生 (Former Sadec – Hưng Lợi Store)

Dear QMS Clan,

We are deeply sorry to post the sad news of Mr. Cao Khai Hoa (Hưng Lợi Store)- Father of our friends- Cao Ngoc Ha/高 玉 荷 and Cao Ngoc Phung/高 玉 鳳 who resided in Richmond, Texas has passed away in Feb 22, 2017 due to old age of 85 .

Dear Cathey/高 玉 荷 and Sophia/高 玉 鳳

On behalf of QMS Alumni, My wife and I are truly sorry to hear the loss of your father.
Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you and your family and hasten the journeys of your father’s soul to heaven.

Thomas and QMS Family

Funeral flowers with white lilies and white mums in standing spray


Thành Kính Phân Ưu,

Nhận được tin buồn sự ra đi phụ thân của bạn Cao Ngọc Hà và Ngọc Phụng – Ông Cao Khãi Hoa (Tiệm Hưng Lợi Sa Đéc). Hiện cư ngụ tại Thành phốRichmond, Texas, đã từ trần vào ngày 22 Tháng 2 Năm 2017 với tuổi  thọ 85.

Gia đỉnh Chia  cùng toàn thể cựu học sinh Quang Minh Sa Đéc xin chia buồn cùng hai bạn và gia quyến, cầu nguyện hương linh Bác sớm siêu thoát và vãng sanh cực lạc.
Nam Mô Tiếp Dẫn Đạo Sư A Di Đà Phật.

A Chia và QMS Team cùng kính bái

2 thoughts on “Sad News – Passing of Mr. Cao Khai Hoa/高啟華先生 (Former Sadec – Hưng Lợi Store)

  1. Feb. 22nd, 2017. On Feb. 28th, this is what my father got left with…..He finished his journey after 85 years struggling in life to give what he can for the family but when it came to his last breath, he had to endured all by himself with no protection what so ever… cold hearted. Today, hopefully, with tremendous Sutra praying from the Monks,Temples, he will make it to Amitabha the Pure Land at his earliest. 3 ngay lien tiep deu duoc 12 monks va cu si tu chua Vietname den du buoi Tang Le cau sieu. 12 Su dung xung quanh voi ao CA SA VANG sang choi ca nha quan. Va den ngay hoa tan da co den 16 vi Su lan cu si den du. It was a beautiful and very warm funeral service for my father. He must had done lots of right things during his journey. Therefore, he deserved such beautiful services though out. Thank you everyone had put their souls and efforts to make the funeral services happen smoothly for my father.
    He came back visit us with “Than Tuong rat dep”. He gave me the courage, strengths and be strong though out. Everyone! , believe it or not. There are “LIFE AFTER DEATH”. for real, it was not in a dream. I saw my father in his healthly body walking around the house. NO JOKE!
    My mother was sitting in the front roll. She said: ” For 61 Years he did not buy her any flower though out their marriage” Right then, one of the white Rose drop down to the floor. Isn’t that meant something? Now he is gone forever, he gives her a WHITE ROSE. She pick it up placed the white Rose back to the casket.
    On the day of Cremate, I came home re-arranging his flowers from praying table. water drop down from middle of the set of flowers while the top and bottom are so dry, but just one single flower in the middle of that strip water was dripping down. I felt like, he is crying for knowing that his Than tuong khong con nua.
    3 days after cremate, people removed his bed from the house (also it is his “2nd That” . Religious belief, spirit will live again every 7th days for 7 weeks. Twin dogs were waving their tales right at the front door wanted to come inside. I spoke to the twin dogs, ” if you are my father please make your way inside. they are about to come in but due the surrounding movement and wet (rainy day) they did not make it but hanging around the front door for quiet sometime. So, is this meant my father alive again on the second “That”?

    My father’s Chapter of life is now closed behind after 85 years.
    Hopefully, he can be at a better place where he can protect himself, no one can disrespected him in anyway. With tremendous energy and power from everyday prays, he will reach Amitabha the Pure Land within 49 days of life. (Than Trung Am)
    Thank you to everyone who had put times, efforts , condolences, flower bouquets, prepare foods and so on……Without your help, my father’s final journey will not be this success.
    We love you!!!
    If there is a next life, I would like to be your daughter once again.

  2. Father 49th days service
    Father 49th days service
    Alex went to Chua Vietname Temple gave Grandpa incense, talk to Grandpa while we are doing praying service for him in Toronto on his 49 days. (That Thu Bay). Father connect with us online. It was beautiful. Alex took the picture of his jar and the Buddha was right on top of container. Was it a coincidence? or it meant to be? Father is well being treated, he can enjoy what we are doing for him before Father is wrapping up his journey after 85 years of life. Sweet Father Cao Khai Hoa. ” May You Rest in Peace”!!! — in Vaughan, Ontario.
    Video Link below:

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